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Wellness Chiropractic Care VS Auto Accident


Wellness Chiropractic Care

Wellness chiropractic care focuses on the identification and removal of vertebral subluxations. Many patients new to the chiropractic philosophy don’t fully understand the meaning of the word “subluxation” and how it may affect your overall health. At ChiroCare we want every patient to become actively involved in his or her care plan for your involvement and comfort is important to us. Therefore, lets begin by defining the word “subluxation”. A subluxation is a common term used primary by Doctors of Chiropractic describing the misplacement of spinal vertebral bones. Oftentimes, vertebral bones have moved from normal position due to varies reasons such as muscle strain, fatigue and etc.

Creating pressure and/or irritate to spinal nerves that supply neurological input to many systems within the human body such digestive, respiratory, and reproductive to name a few. Ultimately, spinal nerves stems from the spinal cord and houses in the intervertebral foreman, which are formed by two vertebral bones. When two or more spinal vertebral bones and misalign they create pressure and irritation on nerves causing and irruptions within the flow of neurological signals. Thus, resulting in sharp nerve and muscle pains. Chronic vertebral subluxation cannot only cause musculoskeletal conditions/pain but will also reduce neurological signals causing malfunction of different systems within the body.


Auto Accident

Patients whom have been involved in an auto accident seek chiropractic care for severe muscle/joint pain and related injuries. At ChiroCare we treat acute to chronic conditions related to vary auto accidents and personal injuries. Assisting patients with a precise physical examination, formulation of a care plan specific to their pain and weekly monitoring of their injuries. We understand the inconvenience that auto accident may bring and the amount of pain and discomfort it causes. Therefore, our goal is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible while receiving treatment for your injuries. Here are some steps to lessen your confusion and assist you during your untimely accident.

1. Call law enforcement as fast as possible upon impact.

2. Check on any passengers if present to ensure everyone is safe and out of harms way.

3. Ensure that a police officer is on the scene to assist with reporting the incident.

4. Receive an examination and treatment for related pain and injuries as soon as possible.

5. Obtain legal advice if needed.

6. Development of treatment plan from ChiroCare, obtained necessary test such as x-rays or MRI if warranted and monitor recovery.

If you have any further questions in regards to your auto accident please refer to our contact information for further details.