Family/Internal Medicine

At CCRC we provide medical evaluation for musculoskeletal conditions with the opinion for general family medicine care. This service provides patients with a broad review of the development of their chronic musculoskeletal conditions while merging medicine and chiropractic care. CCRC is dedicated to giving our patients opinions and control over their choices and health care decisions. Helping you reach optimum health while increasing your overall quality of life is our main goal at CCRC.

Affordable Chiropractic Services to include:

Chronic Neck/Low Back Pain

Disc Herniation


Headaches /Migraines

Emergency Chiropractic Care

Pain Management Techniques


Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy services consist of a wide variety of modalities from e-stim treatments to ultrasound therapy to assist patients through the stages of healing and rehabilitation. At CCRC our objective is helping patients the best way we can through a smooth rehabilitation program design specifically to their form of injuries and conditions. Therefore, physical therapy and active rehab is used to improve mobility and decrease patient’s initial pain levels, as we are dedicated to improve your rehabilitation experience.

Auto Accidents/Personal Injury

At CCRC we take pride in assisting patients who have personal or auto accident injuries. Our facility understands the inconvenience and would help you through the process of your rehabilitation care and auto/personal injury cases. CCRC rehabilitates whiplash injuries, sprain/strain, chronic or acute low back pain, neck pain, and disc herniation, generalized muscular pain/stiffness a little to no expenses paid.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an essential part of patients rehabilitation care here at CCRC. It’s a natural way of preventing and managing many musculoskeletal conditions. Massage improves circulation, delivers oxygen and essential nutrients to cells while decreasing pain levels within muscle tissues/fibers. In certain cases, massage therapy is an effective way of minimizing or eliminating the need for pain medication. At CCRC, massage therapy is uniquely designed to each patient specifically for individual condition. We focus on muscular massage to promote healing, decrease chronic pain levels, increase mobility, and improve patient overall health by aiding in stress management and relaxation.